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Although our founder concentrates on the practice of criminal law, our legal team does more than just help our clients facing criminal charges. We also have specialists who focus on Family Law, Wills and Estates, administrative law, and civil litigation. Not every legal issue requires a trial attorney and most issues never see a courtroom; however, that doesn't mean those situations don't require a lawyer. Residents throughout Southern and Central Ontario turn to us to help them with their tax problems, complete estate planning, and handle a wide variety of other circumstances where lawyers are needed. Don't leave yourself or your family without the protection you need!

We also offer Paralegal services for matters not requiring the attention, or the cost, of a lawyer. Whether it is for small claims court, or traffic tickets or if you need representation in front of an administrative Tribunal we are here to help.

York Law Chambers serves the Southern and Central Ontario regions and our associated lawyers have years of experience working in the Ontario court system to ensure the best possible person is assigned to your file dedicated to providing the best possible outcome for any legal problems our clients may have.

To make ourselves available to as many individuals as possible, we offer completely free initial consultation services.


The first conversation is on us. No hidden costs. No surprises. When you decide that our lawyers are a fit for your problem, which we’re sure they are, you will not be back-billed for the initial meeting like others do. While no one can predict how much any particular matter is going to cost, at York Law Chambers, we take pride in fair, honest and cost-effective representation. We don't bill for every phone call, every sheet of paper, every email. We bill for what every lawyer ought to bill for; RESULTS.

So, before you say something you'll later regret, before you speak with your employer about a work- related injury, or before you try and solve your legal problems on your own, give us a call. York Law Chambers is here to help.

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You have the right to speak to counsel of choice. Call us! It will cost you nothing and may save you thousands.

You have NO obligation to give a statement.

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